Enter the world of our super high-quality custom made wall plates. Choose from hundreds of pre-built audio video face plates to fit your home theater setup today. All of our wall plates have built in jacks with female to female connections. This makes it easy to plug your cables right into the individual jacks with no hard wiring required. Some of the common connections on our wall plates are explained below. This ensures you are making the correct purchasing decision for your application.

Female to Female Jacks

With our plates, all audio/video/data jacks in all plates are female to female unless 110 type is chosen.

No tools are required to wire cabling to the back of the jacks. Just simply plug one cable into the front of each jack, and one cable into the back of each jack.

If your setup includes an actual electrical outlet plug, then tools are required to wire the outlet.

All plates and covers are standard and fit American outlet boxes and drywall brackets. In general, our single gang plates measure 2.75" W x 4.5" H. Dual gang measures 4.5" W x 4.5" H.

Outlet back boxes and drywall mounting brackets are sold separately.

The plates are made from high quality white thermoplastic non-breakable plastic.

Common cabling connections for home theater/audio video/networking wall plate setups

HDMI 2.0

This connection is commonly known as HDMI 2.0 type A and is for high definition television. Televisions currently sold in the US come with HDMI installed. It fully supports 4k, 1080p, 3D video and more.

Ethernet - Cat 5e and Cat 6

This connection is commonly known as Ethernet or a networking connection. It is what connects your devices to the internet. Cat6 is backwards compatible with Cat5e wiring. We also have ethernet jacks in different colors.


This connection is known as coax. It is video that goes from your cable box directly to the wall and out to the telephone pole. It is your cable television connection.


This connection is RCA and is commonly named composite with cable colors or red, orange, and yellow. It is used for video. Red and white cables can be used with audio. Red, Green, Blue cables can be used with component video. Any RCA single cable can be used with audio such as with a subwoofer. Colors are basically interchangeable they are just there for color coding.


This connection is your phone jack for your standard telephone port. It is also known as voice, Cat3, or 6p4c.


This connection is your basic small headphone jack. These jacks can be found on smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops. It is your standard audio auxiliary port as well.


This connection is your basic USB cable that is commonly found on your computer. It is used for high speed data transfer. Many devices use this cable connection. USB 2.0, C, and 3.0 are available from our store. We also sell USB Charger outlets that can charge your devices.

Optical (Toslink)

This connection is your optical connection that includes high quality audio. This is commonly found on the back of a stereo, cable box, and even gaming system. It is sometimes labeled as fiber, SPDIF, optical, and Toslink.

There are many templates that you can customize and design any plate. Then click the Customize button from those pages to bring up the wall plate builder.

Warranty Info

All products are now covered from defects for up to 5 years. If you see an item as defective please contact us for exchange.

Safety Precautions on Electrical Outlets

If chosen as an option, your purchase may include a top quality electrical outlet plug. Under U.S. National Electrical Code an electrical outlet is considered high voltage and the jacks included are considered low voltage. It is by code that when installing the double gang boxes to use a dual voltage outlet box to install them. This box is low cost and contains a divider in between the two voltage types and makes it safe to install. It is recommended to follow all electrical code to install your wires. It is also recommended to have your outlets installed by a licensed electrician. This ensures that all code is followed for the installation. Installation Please be sure to have an electrician install the plate into your wall. If you are doing it yourself please make sure to use all screws included to install the plate.

For decorative (2-piece) plates, there are 4 screws per gang (2 short and 2 long). For flat solid plates there are two long screws. For round outlet 2 gang plates there are 7 screws, two short, one mid length for the front attachment of the outlet, and 4 long screws for inside of plate. Flat/solid plates are simple to install since there are only 2 screws. For decorative plates, there are videos online on how to install them. 

These plates are guaranteed to fit standard outlet boxes and drywall mounting brackets as they are standard US plates.