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Custom Wall Plates

Enter the world of our super high-quality custom made wall plates. Choose from hundreds of pre-built audio video face plates to fit your home theater setup today. Or build your own.
All of our wall plates have built in jacks with female(front) to female(rear) connections. This makes it easy to plug your cables right into the jacks with no wiring required.

Some of our plates include a top quality UL Rated 15 amp 125 Volt power outlet on the side.

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Build your own custom wall plates

Choose a template design above and then customize with your own female to female jacks to add to the wall plate. Choose from HDMI, Cat5e, Cat6, RCA, Phone, Speaker, Optical, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB C, Coax, 3.5mm, Blank, Banana, S-Video, and BNC.